Crisp clear granular stereo sampler and harmonizer.

Cornflakes is a stereo sampling effect for the Eurorack modular synthesizer system.
It is meant for manipulation of sounds that can either be recorded directly on the module, or loaded from a SD card.

The module is a granular effect meaning, that instead of playing its samples back conventionally, it will split the recording into smaller pieces, called grains.
Cornflakes always plays back a multitude of grains at once. The size, pitch and structure of these grains determines the effect it will produce. Such effect could be: time stretch, pitch shift, harmonization or any combination of those.

Cornflakes has a fast internal memory which makes it possible for it to operate with very little latency. For this reason, stored sounds from SD card are always transferred to the internal memory before they are played back. Cornflakes can likewise store its internal memory onto a SD card in one of the 32 slots available. The slots are divided into four banks of eight. 

There are manual and CV control over Speed, Diffusion, Harmonics, Pitch, Grain Size, Position, Trim and Distribution.

The controls on Cornflakes are optimised to be intuitive, fast and responsive.

SD-card not included!

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