Cornflakes Firmware v. 1.1

Follow these steps to update the firmware. (Updated July 2022)
NB: Do not follow the instructions, printed or digital, prior to this version!*

  1. Download the new firmware and transfer it to a SD-card.
  2. Power down the module/system.
  3. Insert the SD-card with firmware into the module.
  4. Press and hold the record button while powering on the module to enter Bootloader mode. The module will boot instantly and the record button can be released. The record LED will be lit, to indicate bootloader mode. 
    NB! It is very important to hold only the record-button when booting!*
  5. When in bootloader mode: Press the play-button to start updating. The play LED will start blinking rapidly.
  6. Press play-button again to confirm the update. The play-LED will stay on while the firmware is flashed. 
Once the update has completed, the play-LED will turn off and the rec-LED will turn on.
  7. Power cycle the module after updating.

*Firmware updating is at the risk of the end user. Incorrect button combinations during boot-up can lead to errors and could leave the module in need of factory recalibration. Such repairs and recalibrations is not covered by Miso ApS and is only performed at the expense of the end user.

Cornflakes Firmware v 1.1
Terms and Conditions
1) Firmware License. Hardware Products may include pre- installed or embedded software programming and/or microcode (collectively “Firmware”). The Firmware is licensed to the END USER, not sold. The END USER is granted a perpetual, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Firmware solely in connection with END USER’s use of the Equipment for use solely with MISO CORNFLAKES GRANULAR SAMPLER. END USER understands and agrees that it is not permitted to distribute the Firmware in any form, or to use the Firmware except as it is embedded in the Equipment. 2) END USER understands the risk of updating and agrees to only use the method for updating the firmware described in the documentation included with the firmware download.

Changes in this version:

  • (FIX) Quantize button was not properly debounced.
  • (FIX) At startup the right channel of the internal buffer was filled with random numbers causing noise to be played when pressing play.
  • (FIX) Wave files saved to sd card had an error in the header causing the file length to be misinterpreted when opened on a computer.
  • (FIX) When the internal buffer was completetely filled with audio (~42 seconds) some setting of the parameters could make Cornflakes crash.
  • (FIX) When the internal buffer was completetely filled with audio (~42 seconds) position and length parameters was not covering the full length of the buffer.
  • (FIX) Error in loading of scala files causing tunings to be corrupted.
  • (FIX) Wave file headers was not properly parsed so loading wave files generated by some audio software caused a crash.